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15 years of experience in criminal defense, family law, personal injury

 She represents clients charged with felony and misdemeanor crimes including felony and  misdemeanor DUI charges. She also represents clients in family law cases including divorce, dependent neglect/paternity actions, and hearings for orders of protection in domestic violence situations. 

Erin began her legal career 15 years ago right here in Montana. She has been Prairie County Attorney, taught at the  Montana Law Enforcement Academy, and was the Montana Traffic Safety Prosecutor.  She is one of Montana's most knowledgeable in  DUI cases and has vast experience in criminal defense. 

Since then she has worked with those needing help with family legal services and personal injury as well as criminal defense.

Call Erin to learn how she can help you with high quality legal services at reasonable prices. Talk to Erin to see what she can do for you:  (406)422-7355

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